Shazahn Padamsee Gifts Cycle To Students In Alibaug

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Shazahn Looks Pretty In Blue

shazahn padamsee in blue

Shazahn: Next dream girl of Bollywood?

If reports are true, Shazahn Padamsee, daughter of renowned ad-guru-cum-theatre personality Alque Padmasee and pop diva Sharon Prabhakar, will make her dream debut in Bollywood soon. Shazahn, who has been auditioning for several roles for quite some time, is reported have clinched the lead role opposite Ranbir Kapoor in an upcoming Yash Raj Films production directed by Shimit Amin.

Sources reveal that though many heroines auditioned, the crew selected Shazahn, who, according to them, has the right credentials. โ€œFor a long time, Yash Raj has been auditioning actors for the leading lady’s role. There are very few young actors who would fit the bill of a leading lady opposite Ranbir. After weeks of auditioning, it seems that Yash Raj has zeroed down on Shazahn Padamsee, thanks to her credentials,โ€ a source said.

Ask Shazahn about this and you have a surprise ‘wow’ for an answer. She is surprised at how information regarding her role reached the media. On further insistence, she says, โ€œI have gone for a lot of film auditions and this was one of those. But there has not been any confirmation yet. It would be wrong on my part to talk about it, because the production house would get quite upset about it.โ€ Smilingly, the to-be-star adds, โ€œI am getting a lot of offers and I am considering a few of them. When I sign my first one, I will definitely let you know.โ€

You may recollect that Shimit Amin, director of the yet-to-be-named flick, rose to fame with the previous YRF production Chak De India. Earlier, it was rumoured that Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor may be roped in for the film. But now, reports say only Ranbir has been signed for the movie. Hope the movie hits the floors soon and Shazahn has a dream debut in Bollywood.

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Shazahn, “My Parents are like my friends.”



The daughter of two famous and creative personalities, Alyque Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar, Shazahn Padamsee is now becoming a familiar face on the party circuit. She made her stage debut along side her father in a play called ‘Unspoken Dialogues’.

“It happened quite unexpectedly. My dad who is playing King Duncan in Macbeth asked me to read his lines. I had never read Shakespeare before and when my dad heard me he said I was very good. He was very surprised that it came very naturally to me.”

The camera shy Shahzahn is also gearing up to face it. “I want to be fully prepared. Channel [v] had asked me to audition for their VJ hunt, but I didn’t go. I was not very confident about being in front of a camera then. I had to get over that. Now I am getting my portfolio done and then try to get into modelling.”

Currently Shazahn is working with Bugs Bhargava’s ad-film company and is training to be a copywriter. “A friend asked me to write for a show on televisionand that is when I discovered that I really like writing.”

Though Sharon and Alyque are now separated, Shazahn shares a special bond with both her parents. “My parents are like my friends and I love hanging out with them.”

“I seek guidance from my dad, who is my rock star and I have so much respect for him. I tend to get very distracted and he keeps insisting that I get focussed. He is also very strict and very protective. Mum is from another planet altogether. She is like a very chilled out elder sister. We have our days of course, but we are on the same wavelength.”

“I have a great relationship my parents and the rest of the family. Though we don’t live together we meet often. Quasar and I are very close. Though we have different mothers, he is a brother in every true sense.”

When asked about the special someone in her life, Shazahn exclaims “My dad would kill me if I talk about relationships!” She however shares her idea of a perfect man. “I like guys in general who are comfortable being themselves. I can’t stand men or boys who are trying too hard.”

“Right now I don’t want to get into one because I have other priorities. I need toand focus on my career.We will see when the right guy and the right time comes along. I am really happy. I may meet Mr Right tomorrow, who knows, never say never.”